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Full Voting Membership: $50.00 Annually

Associate Membership: $30.00 Annually

Associate Members can attend meetings but cannot make motions, vote, be on committees or hold offices. They have no membership in the State and National Federations of Republican Women.

Associate Members include:

  • Members of other Republican organizations
  • Men
  • Elected officials, spouses, and friends

Renewing Members

Member Dues 
$50.00 Annually

Associate Members
Men are welcome to join our club

Associate Member Dues
$30.00 Annually

New Members

Complete the Membership Application and Pay Dues below.
For inquiries or questions call 912-790-5161 and ask for Carol St. Arnaud. We’ll be in touch as soon as possible.  Thank you!

*Please note applicants are not considered official members until dues are paid.

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