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Election Information and Resources

Disclaimer: SARW does not endorse any candidates until after winning a Primary.


Chatham County Candidates 2022

Note:  Offices are non-partisan, thus candidates are elected 5/24/22 (the same date as the Primary)…

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Georgia State Candidates 2022

Georgia Governor     Kemp for Governor    Jonathan Garcia for Governor 2022 - Committee to…

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US Senate & House Candidates 2022

Senate (for Raphael Warnock's seat)  Gary Black for GA | Home   Kelvin King for…

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Board of Elections

Voter Registration Deadline 2021

Monday, October 4th is the deadline to register to vote in the Nov. 2nd Municipal…

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Absentee Voting

All You Wanted to Know about Absentee Voting but Were Afraid to Ask GA Sec…

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Poll Watchers Needed

The Republican party is looking for poll watchers.  If you have a contact , please…

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